Welcome to PC Art

PC Art based in Inverbervie, Scotland is a designer driven handmade business.  Each and every piece has been designed, lasercut and hand made in house to our exacting standards.  With a wealth of bold geometric patterns you will stand out from the crowd.

Featured products


Long wedge drop with textured slashes.


Oval drop earring

Ebony Drop

Oval drop earring with large cut out.

Starry Eyed Pendant

Large star pendant on a chain approx 20".

Ebony Pendant

Large oval shaped pendant with an oval cut out. Chain is approx 20".

Ebony Set

Ebony pendant and drop earring set.

To The Point

Inverted triangle drop earrings with cut out pattern.


Upside down kite shaped geometric drop earrings.


Long diamond shaped cut out earring.


Small drop oval earring with textured bottom.


Long spear head shaped drop earring.

Fox Tail

Asymmetric drop earring with textured detail.

Blossom Large Drops

Large flower design drop earrings.

Blossom Studs

Large flower shaped stud earrings.

Falling Leaves

Large leaf shaped drop earrings.

Palm Large Drops

Large leaf design drop earrings.


Round drop earrings featuring a spotty pattern.